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Just because they are holding your child in the Fort Bend Juvenile Justice Center does not mean they have been convicted. They need a lawyer to defend their rights and try to get the home.

Seth Topek
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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    Your child has not been convicted of a crime just because they are being detained.  If your child is in the Fort Bend Juvenile Justice Center it means that either the offense was serious enough to require more than a warning or that they felt that more action was needed to protect the public or juvenile.  If your child was arrested the juvenile officials will first make a determination as to whether to release the child into someone’s custody while court proceedings go forward or detained them in detention center. If they have kept your child Fort Bend must hold a detention hearing within two days of the detention or if the arrest occurred on a Friday or Saturday the hearing will be on Monday.  At that hearing a judge will decide whether to release the juvenile or continue detention.  There is no bond in Juvenile cases.

    If you child is in Fort Bend Juvenile Justice Center you should hire an attorney.  As experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyers we have experience representing juveniles at detention hearings.  We will come up with a strategy and then make a presentation with witnesses in order to do everything we can to convince the judge that your child should be home with you and that your child will make their court appearances and not get in further trouble.  For a free consultation please call us at 713-651-144 or fill out an online contact form.