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If you have been charged with Forgery or think you may be charged with Forgery you need to contact a Houston Forgery Defense Attorney

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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    If you have been charged in Harris County, Brazoria County or Galveston County with forgery you need an attorney.  Forgery can sometimes be a confusing offense because it includes situations where someone actually forges a document or check and situations where a person uses or possesses a forged document or check.  People are generally accused of committing forgery in two ways:

  1. A person alters, makes, executes or authenticates a writing so that it seems to be the act of another person with the intent to defraud another.
  2. A person possesses a writing that is forged with the intent to use it to defraud another.  It is not necessary that the person intending to use the forgery be the same as the one who created it.

    Forgery is a felony offense and it should be taken seriously.  We have represented numerous people in situations where they are victims of a scam and end up being charged with Forgery.  In the scam a person signs up for what they think may be a job and receive cashier’s checks or money orders that they are asked to cash.  They are told to return a percentage of the funds.  For their work they can keep a percentage of the money.  Days later it is discovered that the cashier’s check or money order that they cashed was a forgery and they are charged with the crime of forgery.  The District Attorney’s office files Forgery believing that they knew the cashier’s check or money order was forged.

    If you have been charged with forgery or fear that you may be charged with forgery in Houston you need to call an attorney immediately.  It is not in your interest to make any statement to police, law enforcement or bank before you have met with a lawyer.  For a free consultation please call us at 713-651-1444 or fill out an online contact form.