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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    If you were told that even though you were going to be placed on community supervision you were avoiding a conviction and therefore would not have to worry about it impacting your future whoever told you that was either confused or unaware of the world we live in today.  In today’s world with the numerous companies doing background checks and the ease of finding out someone’s complete criminal history many people are finding that the difference between having a conviction or having been placed on deferred adjudication is not what they thought it would be.  We regularly get calls from individuals who believed that once they finished their deferred adjudication it would be off of their criminal history and they would not have to worry about it.  They call us after they were refused a job or a promotion as a result of their criminal history.

    Although you were not convicted a background search will show that you were charged with a crime and then placed on community supervision.  Unfortunately, even if it was the only time you were ever in trouble some places may use it to reject your application.  Fortunately, there may still be something you can do.  If you were placed on deferred adjudication and successfully completed it you may be eligible for a Texas non-disclosure.  This is commonly called having your criminal record sealed.  If your record is sealed then the case is sealed from the public.  This means that most people and places will be unable to see your record.

    You should know that although it is sealed from people and most institutions in the private sector it will still be available to many government agencies including licensing agencies and law enforcement.  

    If you are interested in having your Harris County criminal record sealed please call us at 713-651-1444 or fill out an online contact form and an experienced Houston non-disclosure lawyer will contact you shortly.  Not every crime is eligible and for many offenses there is a waiting period.  Call us and we would be happy to discuss your options with you and see what we can do to help.