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At Topek and Topek experienced Texas parole attorneys have represented clients before Texas Parole Board offices across the Texas.  The first question we often receive from families is which parole board office will be making the decision regarding parole.  An inmate is assigned to a Parole Board office based on the unit where they are serving their sentence.  In the first Article on the subject we covered the Amarillo Parole Board office, the Angleton Parole Board office, and the Gatesville Parole Board office.  In this article we will cover the Huntsville Parole Board office, the Palestine Parole Board office and the San Antonio Parole Board office.  This list is not exhaustive and if you do not find the information you need please contact us.  To locate which Parole Board office a unit is assigned to you can use the search option on your computer and type in the unit name.


  1. Inmates at the following units are decided at the Huntsville Parole Board office:  Byrd Unit, Cleveland Unit, Diboll Unit, Duncan Unit, Eastham Unit, Estelle Unit, Ferguson Unit, Gib Lewis Unit, Goodman Unit, Goree Unit, Harris County, Holiday Unit, Huntsville Unit, Luther Unit, Pack Unit, and Polunsky Unit.
  2. Inmates at the following units are decided at the Palestine Parole Board office: Beto I Unit, Billy Moore Unit, Boyd Unit, Choice Moore Unit, Coffield Unit, Gregg County, Gurney Unit, Hodge Unit, Michael Unit, Poweledge Unit, Skyview Unit, Telford Unit.
  3. Inmates at the following units are decided at the San Antonio Parole Board office: Bexar County, Briscoe Unit, Cameron County, Chasefield Unit, Connally Unit, Cotulla Unit, Crystal City, Garza East Unit, Garza West Unit, Lopez State Jail, McConnell Unit, Segovia Unit, Stevenson Unit, Travis County.



We have represented inmates before each of the Texas Parole Boards and have traveled to many of the units listed above.  Although our offices are in Houston, we frequently travel to units across the state of Texas meet with our clients’ families in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and numerous other cities in Texas.  To read more about our parole representation click here.  If you have further questions about what parole board an inmate is assigned to or what we can to help you please contact us.