The farther in advance you call us the better.  We like to have at least six months prior to being eligible but depending on the circumstances we can work with less time.  The reason we need this much time is that in order for us to do a thorough job when representing an offender before the Texas parole board it is necessary to properly research the case then put together a parole packet for the parole board.  We believe it is necessary to research our client’s criminal history, the details of the underlying case, obtain many different types of information from the offender’s support system, meet with the offender multiple times, learn or help to create a detailed parole plan and then we must put all that information together for the parole board.  This cannot be done through an offender or family member filling out a questionnaire or writing a letter.  The process takes time, every offender is incarcerated for a specific and unique set of reasons and their plans if paroled must be tailored to those reasons.  We do not present the parole board with variations of the same parole packet, rather every presentation is different and takes time to prepare.  We see many of the same parole board members and it is important that they know that if they receive a packet from us, and a request for an interview with them, that they know it will be full of relevant information that will help them in their decisions.  We believe that if they are flooded with the same packet with a different offenders name on it or a rushed product it would be bad for our clients and for us.  If you are considering hiring a Texas parole lawyer call us now on our toll free number 888-661-5030 we can discuss if it is too late or to early.  Our parole practice takes us across the state of Texas and we can help offenders with family in Dallas, Austin, McAllen, Houston, San Antonio, and other cities across the state.   Please fill out a contact form and an experienced Texas parole lawyer will be in touch with you shortly.

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