As experienced Texas parole lawyers we travel a great deal to meet with our clients.  We work in prison units across the state of Texas; to see a list of the prisons we go to look here or here.  Texas prisons are spread throughout the state and although some effort is made to keep an inmate somewhat close to where they are from this is not always the case.  Our offices are in Houston but since we believe that a central factor in being able to represent an inmate is meeting with the client numerous times we travel to prison units across the state of Texas.  There are numerous units that are within driving distance of our office and when necessary we can fly in order to meet with our client.  It is also important to be in regular contact with our client’s family and support system.  We have clients whose families live in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio as well as a great many smaller cities in Texas and we have never had problems meeting with them either at our office in Houston or in a location closer to where they live.  Additionally, our clients' families are always able to discuss their case over the phone or through email.  

If you have further questions regarding what parts of Texas we practice parole law in or if we can visit a specific unit or inmate please contact us.

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