Although in a very general sense there are similarities in that people on probation and parole must abide by a set of rules and conditions and violation of those rules can lead to being locked up, they are very different.

  1. Probation is a form of court ordered supervision.  Individuals are placed on probation as an alternative to jail or prison.  They are given a set of conditions set by the court and supervised by the county probation department.  Depending on the type of community supervision they may have avoided a final conviction.  If a condition of probation is violated they return to court and can be sentenced to jail or prison.  The length of the sentence will be determined in court.
  2. Parole is a form of supervision overseen by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.  Parole is for individuals who have been convicted of a third degree felony or higher and were sentenced to prison.  At some point during an offender’s sentence, with a few exceptions, they will become eligible for parole and the parole board can grant them a conditional release from prison that is called parole.  Conditions for parolees are set by the parole board, not a court, and they are supervised by employees of the Texas parole board.  If they violate a condition of parole they can be sent back to prison and the time left for them to serve is based on how much credit they have toward completing their sentence.

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