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When will someone be eligible for parole for felony driving while intoxicated and can I help?


    An offender serving a sentence for DWI is eligible for parole after receiving credit for twenty five percent of their sentence.  The parole board calculates this by taking their actual number of days in prison and adding the number of days they have accrued in good time credit.  An example can often help illustrate this.  If Joe was sentenced to 8 years TDCJ for his fourth Driving While Intoxicated he will be eligible for parole when he his calendar time plus good time equals 2 years.  This will occur in less than one year and three months.  However, just because someone is eligible for parole does not mean the parole board will grant parole.  The percentages released by the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole speak to the low chances of being granted parole.  If you have questions about the parole process or what you can do to help someone obtain a positive parole vote please call our toll free number 888-661-5030 or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation.  For more information on DWI and parole law click here.

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