It’s important to be thoughtful in this decision process. What happens next has the potential to affect your husband for years to come. Here are some things to consider:

  • Experience – You should hire an attorney who has experience representing clients accused of committing drug crimes.
  • Personal qualities – You should determine what personal qualities you would like the attorney to have. You want to hire someone that you “click” with. For example, do you want an attorney who is fast-talking and blunt, or do you want someone who is gentle and willing to talk you through various scenarios?
  • Professional reputation – Find out whether the attorney belongs to professional organizations. Find out if he has authored any articles or spoken at any seminars. Try to determine if he is well respected by his peers.
  • Involvement – At some large law firms, the “big name” partner delegates most of the work to lower level associates. Find out how involved the lead lawyer will be.
  • Price – You may be surprised at what hiring an attorney costs. But, given what is at stake, you really can’t afford not to hire a good attorney. That said, just because a lawyer charges more money doesn’t mean the lawyer is a better attorney.
  • Talent – Meet with the attorney. Do you believe the attorney has the skills and finesse to get you and your husband a positive outcome? You should hire someone you believe in.

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