When you accepted deferred adjudication it really represented a change in your life.  Since being put on probation you have done everything you were asked and now you are ready to move on with your life.  Yes, it is possible in many cases to get off of probation early.  It depends on the following:

  1. The offense that led to your probation is not among the excluded offenses
  2. How much of your probation you have completed
  3. How you have done while on probation  

    Texas law states that if someone has successfully completed one third of their probation, or two years if it comes first, they are eligible for early termination.  Although, you are eligible majority of courts require completion of half.  Early termination is at the discretion of the judge and judges have different ideas about the circumstances under which they will end someone’s probation or deferred adjudication early.  To have a chance of getting off of probation early you must be up to date on your probation requirements.  It helps if you have paid off your fees and completed your community service.  It also helps to have a positive relationship with your probation officer.  In order to help you obtain an early termination of your probation we draft a motion asking the court for early termination, speak with the probation department and others involved in the case, set the case on the Court’s docket and approach the judge regarding ending your probation early.  The Court will look at the offense, your criminal history, how you have done on probation, and the ways in which continuing your probation affecting you.  It is important that you contact an attorney, please call us at 713-651-1444 or our toll free number so we can discuss if you are eligible for early termination of probation in Houston or Galveston and the steps to take from there.  We can represent you before Courts in Harris County, Galveston County, Brazoria County, and other surrounding counties helping individuals get off probation early.  Please fill out our secure online contact form and an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney will call you shortly.

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