When an offender comes up for parole in Texas the parole board has many options on how they can vote.  If they vote to deny they will either give the person a serve all or a set off.  If the case is set off it means they have set a date for the offenders next review.  For the majority of offenders the board can only set off the next review for one year.  However, for some offenders that set off can be for up to five years.  If an offender receives a five year set off they will not be reviewed for parole for five years.  Just because an offender is eligible for a five year set off does not mean they will receive it, they can still be paroled or they can receive a set off below five years.  We have experience representing offenders eligible for a five year set off and have helped them to get released on their first review or helped them to get a one year instead of a five year set off.  A great deal depends on the specifics of the case and situation.  If you have questions about our services and what we can to help fill out an online contact form or call us toll free at 888-661-5030 for a free consultations.  Our office is in Houston and our parole practice takes us across the state of Texas.


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