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I am in San Antonio, how can I find a Texas parole lawyer?


    Although our office is located in Houston our clients are at different units across the State and often their family or support system is in a different part of the state.  This can cause confusion when trying to hire a Texas Parole Attorney.  Our parole practice takes us to prison units across the state.  We believe that one of the most important aspects of representing someone through the parole process is meeting an offender and meeting and discussing a case with their family and supporters as many times as necessary to gain an understanding of what happened in their case,  their past and the reasons why they will be successful on parole.  Please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 if you have questions related to parole representation.  We have represented numerous offenders before the San Antonio Parole Board and make regular appearances at their office.  I would not recommend hiring any attorney who does not attempt to get an in person interview with the lead voter.  Additionally, we have worked with the San Antonio District Attorney’s Office in order to review the offense reports related to our clients.  We believe an important part of our services as parole attorneys is to always be available to answer your questions and we expect that you will always be available to answer ours.  Part of successfully representing a client through the parole process is gaining a thorough understanding of our client and their support system.  If you are trying to help someone with an upcoming parole eligibility date please fill out the online contact form and an experienced Texas parole lawyer will contact you shortly.

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