If you were arrested for trespass in Houston Texas you need to hire a lawyer.  It is likely either a Class A misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor and you face possible jail time and a permanent criminal record that could impact your life and your future.

    Criminal trespass occurs when a person enters or remains somewhere without effective consent when they had notice that they were not allowed to enter or were told to leave and failed to do so.  Trespass in Houston is a Class A misdemeanor if it is committed in someone‚Äôs home, a critical infrastructure facility or a shelter center and is a Class B misdemeanor if it is committed anywhere else.

    Often trespass cases arise as a result of a miscommunication or misunderstanding.  For instance, we have had cases recently that occurred either in a Bus Station or Train Station where there was some misunderstanding and the individual thought they had the right to be there.  There is a large difference between being arrested for trespass in Harris County and being convicted of Trespass.  Depending on the evidence the State may have difficulty proving you had notice or that you failed to leave when asked.  You need to hire an attorney with experience representing individuals accused of trespass in Houston.  You have rights and we will protect your rights and defend you against the charges.  For a free consultation call us at 713-651-1444 or fill out a contact form and an experienced Houston Criminal Defense Attorney will contact you shortly.


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