For practical reasons it is rare but it is possible for an Texas offender to parole from Texas county jail.  The majority of Texas offenders become eligible for parole after receiving credit for twenty-five percent of their sentence.  Some individuals who did not post a bond or who received extremely short sentences will have that credit before being transferred to TDCJ and become eligible for parole in county jail.  The practical problems arise because often they will not have a TDCJ number and their case has a difficult time going through the parole process.  It is possible though, we recently had a client who was in county jail when he was interviewed by an institutional parole officer and was voted and granted parole almost simultaneously with his transfer to TDCJ.  When we are hired in these situations we call the regional parole board office that will be voting the case and often the institutional parole office to see where they are in the process and to see if there is any way to move the process along.

    If you have a loved one currently in county jail who is eligible for parole or who will become eligible for parole soon it is not too early to hire a parole lawyer.  Our first meeting with clients often takes place in county jails and we have visited clients in Harris County Jail, Travis County Jail, Bexar County Jail and other county jails around the State of Texas.   We work hard to ensure that the parole board takes sufficient time when deciding our clients cases and to make sure they are presented a complete picture with a focus on all the reasons they are good candidates for parole and will be successful if granted parole.  Please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation.

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