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Can I get my probation reinstated? A Houston probation revocation defense attorney explains


    In Houston, if a motion to revoke your probation has been filed it does not mean that you will have to go to jail or prison.  It is still possible to have your probation reinstated.  If there is a warrant out for your arrest as a result of a motion to revoke or you have already gone to court on a motion to revoke your probation you need to call an experienced probation revocation attorney at 713-651-1444.  Depending on the type of violations, there are often many ways we can try and get your probation reinstated.

  1. The state must prove that you violated a condition of your probation.  Our first strategy is to determine if there is a defense to those allegations.
  2. If there does appear to be sufficient evidence we try to find a different way to have your probation reinstated.  Depending on the allegations we will come up with a strategy to convince the judge to give you another chance and to address the problems that led to the probation violations.

    Even if you believe there is no way a judge will reinstate your probation hiring a good attorney minimize the repercussions of having your probation revoked.  We have had numerous clients reinstated on probation for various reasons.  If you have questions about probation reinstatement in Harris County, Galveston County or Brazoria County please call us at 713-651-1444.  Please fill out a secure online contact form and an experienced Houston probation revocation defense attorney will call you shortly.

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