Many people wonder about Texas’s statistics on drug crimes. We present startling statistics as reported by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Drug abuse crimes include all violations of narcotic drug laws, such as the unlawful possession, sale, or use of narcotic drugs, and the growing and manufacturing of narcotic drugs. In 2010, the number of people in Texas arrested for drug abuse was just over 140,000. This represents a decrease of 6.1 percent compared with the arrests made in 2009. Of the people arrested for drug abuse violations, 7 percent were age 16 or younger. The group with the most drug abuse arrests was ages 20-24. Considering gender, 81 percent of the people arrested were male. Racially, 72 percent of the people arrested were white, 27 percent were black, and 36 percent were Hispanic.

With regard to drug seizure, over 780,000 pounds of marijuana were confiscated. Other drugs were seized in varying amounts. In addition, Texas officers seized nearly 300 marijuana gardens, 20 wild marijuana fields, 18 cultivated marijuana fields, and 117 marijuana greenhouses. Officers also seized 159 laboratories, most of which were alleged to be designed to produce methamphetamines.

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