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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    A “blue warrant” is the type of arrest warrant issued by the Texas Parole Board.  If there is a blue warrant out for you or a loved one you should contact us at 713-651-1444.  The warrant means a person’s parole is in danger of being revoked and they are in danger of losing their freedom.  The warrant is issued after the parole officer, and their supervisor, decide that the alleged violations are serious enough that parole should possibly be revoked.  A blue warrant can be issued for many reasons including:

  • the parolee has been charged with a new offense
  • the parolee moved without permission
  • the parolee tested positive for drugs
  • the parolee has failed to report.

    Although blue warrants are often executed at the parole office during a scheduled meeting any law enforcement officer can execute the warrant.  No bail is available on a blue warrant.  A parolee is entitled to a parole hearing and we advise parolee’s to always request a hearing.  At the hearing a parolee is entitled:

  • to a lawyer, 
  • to cross examine any witnesses, 
  • to defend themselves against the accusation
  • to present the hearing officer with reasons for continuing their supervision on parole. 

    A parolee’s freedom is at stake if a blue warrant is issued it is never a mistake to have a hearing.  If you waive the hearing you are waving your rights.  You are waiving the right to present witnesses on your behalf who often can help to sway the board into leaving a parolee on parole.  If you or someone you know has a blue warrant out for them or is in danger of having their parole revoked you need an attorney to protect your rights and do everything possible to avoid having your Texas parole revoked.  Please call us at 713-651-1444 or contact us so we can help.


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